Meet The Force Field

Drawn Up and Deep Cut represent true Hip-Hop.

It’s a rare thing to stumble across good music these days. I think we all know the feeling when you listen to a new artist and discover that feeling of excitement and emotions that pair hand to hand with each song you listen to. I always like to describe it as a “treasure chest” full of gems, and when you find the right one you want to hold on to it tight.


Photo Credit: Jackson K. Cox

The Force Field is exactly that and more when you take the chance to listen to Drew and Justin Hoard (Drawn Up and Deep Cut respectively). The two brothers, reigning from a small town called Kingsport in the heart of East Tennessee, put ambition, passion, dedication, and love into their music that makes stands out nostalgically against other new age hip-hop artists.


Photo Credit: Jackson K. Cox

The thing that separates The Force Field from other indie (and mainstream) musicians, is that their sound is authentic. Drawn Up takes personal and imaginative experiences into his lyrics that paint a vivid picture as you’re listening. If you’re a fan of pop culture like comic books, wrestling, Power Rangers, and video games, you’ll enjoy the references he makes in his stylish flows that not only shows he can have a good time, but keep everything real and in order in his flow.

Deep Cut is the mastermind behind the beats. I have personally been in their studio and watched the brothers work together, and it is truly amazing to see someone engineer music from raw sounds. The style of the music behind the lyrics is catchy, snazzy, and cool. It blends old school hip-hop, jazz, indie, and classical music into its own vortex of creation. It’s also the subtle little sounds in the background of each song that will put the kick to your foot and the nod to your head. Together, these two make an amazing and one of a kind team.

Check Out an Interview we did with The Force Field here


Photo Credit: Jackson K. Cox

For new listeners, I highly recommend checking these guys out. If you have a Spotify account, you can stream their previous EP’s The Solid and Tennessee Tycoon. Both EP’s are amazing and full of some great hits that anyone can relate to. If you TRULY enjoy the brothers, go to iTunes and help them out so they can make even MORE music, by purchasing their albums. Currently they are working on a new album with Bentley Records titled, Quills.

As the brothers say best, KEEP IT MOVING and follow your dreams. Watch out for The Force Field as they start to make a name for themselves, but don’t wait, jump in now! Here is their first official music video directed by filmmaker August Aguilar for their new song, “Each’s Own”.

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