Lucifer II: Review

The doom metal band Lucifer is back with their second album, Lucifer IIalong with a new lineup of musicians to bring forth a fresh new sound that is full of power, mystery and attitude.

Written by Mark Glotzbach, Follow his blog @markglotzbach 

The Oath‘s ex-vocalist, Johanna Sadonis returns with her enchanting vocals, along with Entombed‘s drummer, Nicke Andersson and Saturn‘s guitarist, Robin Tidebrink.

Lucifer really stands out in today’s Metal scene because they bring back the groovy but heavy riffs that bands like Black Sabbath brought to the table back in the late 60’s, and a vocal style reminiscent of Heart. In a world full of shredders and death growls, its refreshing to see bands like Lucifer throw in elements of blues and rock while still keeping things powerfully dark.

The band really commits to that vintage aesthetic, as can be seen in their music video for the opening track of the album, “California Son”, where the band dawns leather jackets and ride around on old-school choppers while occult symbols flash on the screen.

Their video for “Dreamer” features the full live band performing in a cemetery and has vocalist Johanna Sadonis riding on a white horse like some sort of goddess, and if you don’t think that’s badass then we can’t be friends.

The album is filled with high energy from start to finish, full of great lyrical content, heavy bass and wailing guitar riffs that would make even your dad tap his toe. If you’re into rock and metal, you should definitely give Lucifer II a listen.

You can find Lucifer on Spotify.

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