The Dawn of Dusk

Grabbing the attention of fellow metal heads, Dusk is here to stay.

Written by Mark Glotzbach, Follow him @markglotzbach 

Dusk is a badass heavy metal band from Graz, Austria, and they just released their debut EP, High Radiation this week.

Dusk’s sound is reminiscent of the early days of metal and heavy rock, featuring hard hitting riffs, pounding bass, driving drum beats and soulful yet gravelly female vocals that just tie it all together so nicely. Our leather-clad, pot-smoking forefathers would be proud.

The gritty intensity that lead singer Denika delivers on the album reminds me very much of a female Lemmy Kilmister (minus the mutton chops) which really grabbed my attention and put this EP at the top of my list.

The instrumentation is very solid as well, not overly technical or flashy, but definitely full of explosive energy that will melt your face off. This band is simply awesome, I can’t wait to hear more from them.

In other exciting news for the band, they will be accompanying our recently reviewed band, Lucifer, as a supporting act in a few weeks. With those two on the road together fans are sure to be in for a devilish treat!

Be sure to give this EP a listen on their Bandcamp and follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on new material and upcoming shows.

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