Meet Airways

Not so long ago or far away, in a tiny South Philadelphia apartment with a guitar and a bottle of shiraz, Airways came to life.

Originally formed as a songwriting project by guitarist Adam Lefkowitz and vocalist Sanna Huerta, a sound emerged that is hook driven, heartfelt, relatable and sexy with a little bit of edge.

As interest grew in the tunes, bassist Rob Bernas was added to the mix and the group began captivating live audiences with their musical charm. The band has played all over the Philadelphia area and has become a staple at the Anti-Defamation League’s annual Philadelphia Walk Against Hate.

Airways Clover

One interesting fact to point out about our new favorite trio, is that they perform with no drummer. With Adam on guitar, Sanna on vocals, and Rob on bass, the drums are created and performed electronically while they work in perfect harmony together carrying the rest of the sound. Seeing them first hand, the sound is awesome and really allows you to focus on their talents intimately.

Airways Navy Yard

Airways, along with producer Derek Chafin, created a lush, dynamic roller coaster ride of emotion in their first EP, Singles. The music video for the infectious single “Spectacle” earned over 12k hits on YouTube.

The trio is now known by many friends and supporters in the community with their unique alternative sound and style, an all access range of emotion and personality, and an ongoing ambition to create wonderful music for all to enjoy. In fact, when we first stumbled upon them on Facebook with their song Queen“, we knew right away we wanted to work with them.

Recently the band collaborated with our partner film production company Strange Films to write and produce an original song for the newest short film, THE WOMAN. As production carried on for the film and Sanna getting to know the characters of CENTER CITY, a hot new tune was created called, “Into The Night” which led to a brand new music video in accompaniment to the film itself, continuing on the story of the series.


The future is bright with new ambitions on the horizon and a new fanbase around them. Airways is currently writing new material for their upcoming second EP, which will drop in 2019. Until then, you can keep up to date with the band on their website and Facebook pages, which are both provided below. You can also watch their newest music video here!

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