For The Love Of Music: Keep It Heavy

From The Monkees to Billy Joel, this is a different kind of sound than what you’re used to. 

Written by Rodney Sheehan of Super Action Rock band, Mass Driver

Most musicians, if not all, are into different kinds of music. Music that you would probably not expect them to be into. The Monkees fought to have Hendrix open for them while on tour. They loved it, but needless to say the crowd did not.

So it’s always cool to find tracks from bands that don’t really match up with what they are known for. And I especially love it when the tracks are HEAVIER and show that the artist/band can really bring the rock!

Here are a few of those tracks.

“Rollin’ Home” by Attila (AKA Billy Joel’s Band)

This is the only album that the duo (drums and organ) released. Released in 1970 several years before Joel became the “Piano man” that we all know. If you’re into heavy freak out music be sure to check it out.

“Randy Scouse Git” by The Monkees

If all you know about The Monkees are “Pleasant Valley Sunday” and their TV show, then you will probably be surprised by this track. Looking to really have your mind blown? Check out their movie “Head“. Co-written by Jack Nicholson  I’m guessing while on copious amounts of drugs.

“Crazy Horses” by The Osmonds

The Osmonds can rock???? Who would’ve thunk it????? Mormon metal at it’s best!!!

“I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” by The Beatles

THAT RIFF!!!!! It’s so crushing and brutal. This track shows why Paul is always on top ten best or favorite bass player lists. With the song coming in around eight minutes and the heaviness of it, it is closer to a Doom song than a Beatles.

Hope you dig the tunes and be sure to keep it heavy!!!

Rodney Sheehan is the singer/bass player of the Super Action Rock band, Mass Driver! 

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