Blake’s Introduction

A letter from the new Editor in Chief, Blake Hall!

Hey everybody!  My name is Blake Hall.  As August Aguilar has passed the invitation my way towards running El Burrito Blog, I figure it’s worth making a post to introduce myself and briefly reinstate what we’re all about.

That’s me on the left, filmmaker/close friend John Queener in the middle and August Aguilar on the right. Notice how we go from most well dressed on the right to least dressed on the left.

I am 26 years old and have been a Knoxville native my entire life.  My hobbies primarily consists of film, music, hiking and cycling.  I have aspirations to make films one day as well as I love playing bass and writing in my free time.  August and I met in February of 2018 and immediately hit it off with our mutual passion for film, music and dreamy aspirations.  While August is a filmmaking artist and entrepreneur, I grew up a couch potato consuming plenty of films and albums alike.  We naturally meet with his highly creative ambitions and my passion for film/music.  

What we ultimately strive to do here is express a natural and inviting passion for art as well as promote independent artists who are seeking exposure.  Artists of any kind are more than welcome to reach out to us.  We are willing to expand to any creative fields as we’ll take the time to review and promote aspiring artists.  We will also be writing plenty about miscellaneous classics/hidden gems and go in depth about what makes them so great and relevant.  

I thank you all for taking the time to dive into our blog and greatly anticipate to see where all of this goes. So kick back, relax, have a burrito and enjoy the show!  

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