F**ck What People Think

What happens when you put together the creative team of Rock Mafia with the confident and outgoing singer Goldiie? You get an empowering piece of music that everybody can stand to hear. 

A song which encourages one to not pressure into conformity and fully embrace your own individuality.  A timeless and always necessary message that is evoked with great passion by Goldiie.  

As Rock Mafia put it, “We were having a spirited conversation with Goldiie about how the world is and how people interact with each other and how it affects our lives and other people’s lives.  People care way too much about what others think and if we could all stop doing that, life would be a lot happier.”

This is a song that aspires to do one thing: evoke high energy, generate good vibes and empower a timeless message.  In a world where people are so concerned with their perception of other people, this song is meant to inspire one to think on their own terms and not let others pressure your natural state of thinking.  To step away from the negative noise that can become so loud in the world and stick true to your positive ground.  In a world of so much hatred and bullying, Goldiie and Rock Mafia are shamelessly here to tell that negativity to fuck off and love yourself and the world around us.

“Why fuck?  It’s the strongest way of saying it.  If you say, “forget what people think” or “who cares what people think”. It doesn’t have the same impact or power.”- Rock Mafia

Having a bad day?  Need a little upbeat energy?  This is the perfect song to vibe with.  Goldiie sounds happy and empowering as she sings.  It’s never worth conforming to what someone else sees fit just so you can make them happy if you’re not feeling the same.  Stand your ground and live life to its fullest in a manner in which you see fit.

“I can tell you that if you were to talk about the secret ingredient to happiness it would be Fuck What People Think.”- Rock Mafia

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