The BRKN EP – No. 3

Who is BRKN

A new coming Denver, Colorado based pop punk band which consists of Jacob Cade (vocalist/lead guitarist), Kick Stevens (rhythm guitarist), Mike Bokenkamp (drums) and Tristian Verghese (bass).  Every since the release of their first single, “Your Existence”, they have gradually been building up more praise and attention. As of this time, they have received over 113K listeners on Spotify. They have released 2 new singles for their new EP titled No. 3

On the first anthematic song “Your Existence”, BRKN exemplifies an irresistable groove along with a hummable tune.  It’s a song all about saying good riddance to that person who was once significant in your life.  It is especially memorable when the band comes together near the end to exclaim, “I hate your face”.  “The Motions” is a song that begs us to question whether we are truly living life to its fullest extent or are we just going through the motions?  This is song is nothing short of upbeat, fun and from a sincere place of passion. It speaks to something honest that everybody faces from time to time.

BRKN are firm believers that scars are what bond people and bring them together.  This is what BRKN ultimately want to express on their debut EP The BRKN No. 3.  As far as the name of No. 3, Cade states,

“My grandfather played soccer in Mexico and wore the number three. I wanted to name the EP No. 3 because these songs are so important to me. When you listen to us, I’d love for you to feel energized and pumped. At the same time, I want to let you know what I’m going through. If someone listening identifies, there’s nothing better.”

As far as recent tours go, The BRKN have just wrapped October up with The High School Nation Tour. This tour designed to help public schools as they advance in their music and art. They have also just finished touring with The Dangerous Summer, Arm Akimbo and Locket. The No. 3 EP is set to be released in February of 2020.

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