“Hurt Me”- Madison McWilliams

Who is Madison McWilliams? Why is she on her way to being a big name in the music industry? Let’s dive in!

Madison McWilliams is a singer/songwriter who is increasingly proving\ herself to be unique musical force.  Being from Austin, TX, she has been playing piano and singing since she was at a very young age. Her school years primarily focused on Italian opera as well as musical theater. Her new song “Hurt Me” was just released on November 22nd.  This song showcases her expanding her creative abilities as well as her deep and highly expressive voice.  Prior to this song, she had released one EP as well as a few single songs.  McWilliams has currently obtained over a million hits on Youtube.  

“Hurt Me” joins songwriter Lisa Scinta and Adam Pallin, the record producer, songwriter and instrumentalist.  As McWilliams puts it, I can’t wait to share this new chapter of my music.  I wrote “Hurt Me” with Lisa Scinta and Adam Pallin, collaborators who helped solidify my new sound.  “Hurt Me” is a song about moving on.  It tells a story of trying to get revenge and realizing that hurting someone else only causes you more pain.”  

Earlier this year, songwriter Billy Steinberg deemed McWilliams to be “one to watch”.  We have to agree with that assessment.  With her powerfully stunning vocals and beautifully authentic expression, McWilliams is an artist right on her way to being a new big name.

The wonderful music video to the song can be seen here:

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