The Listing Film Review (2017, Mario Cerrito III)

The Listing is a film written and directed by Mario Cerrito III.

Image result for the listing mario cerrito poster

Within this film, Cerrito has crafted a dilemma that no man should ever have to face.  This is the story of Michael Mourer (Bernard Glincosky), a high up realtor with a loving family who has everything going his way…until he doesn’t.  Michael’s son is kidnapped, forcing him into a moral dilemma and puts the audience at a tension with an impossible task.  Michael is told by the anonymous kidnapper that he must obtain six dead bodies in a span of 24 hours, otherwise his son will be killed.   He claims that his son is “good as dead” if the cops are contacted.  

The film does a fantastic job at consistently keeping the audience on the edge of their seat as they question and second guess where the story will go next.  It leaves one questioning who did the kidnapping and what his motive might’ve been.  But more than anything, it leaves one questioning how Michael will handle this unfathomably horrifying scenario.  

It is an incredibly entertaining film.  Cerrito has a special ability of gripping us with an impossible scenario while remaining grounded in reality.  It’ll make any audience member ponder what they would do in this situation.  Cerrito tells a thriller story with a flair for the horror genre in the best way.  It is a film that leaves one with a chill down their spine after the credits roll.  Cerrito’s direction and overall production quality feels strong and these scenes feel carefully constructed.

Mario Cerrito knocked this project of his out of the park and he is a name to look out for in cinema.  We can only anticipate where he will go next.  

Mario Cerrito III

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