Daydream Explosion (2019, Dollyrots) Album Review

The Dollyrots released their seventh album Daydream Explosion on July 12, 2019.  They will be kicking off a new hot tour on March 17th.  

What I really like about The Dollyrots is that they never seem to age.  I was stunned to find that they have been around since 2000, despite how youthful their sound is. The energy has such a youthful spirit that I would’ve pegged them as being in their early 20’s.  Being songs about treating life like a party and finding love, this is a sunny album with a fantastic collection of pop/punk pleasure.  These songs are energetic as lightning and never fail to lose a sense of momentum.  

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The album kicks off with “Animal”, which is an explosion of joy.  This group seems to really be enjoying theirselves here.  It’s hard to not have a smile on your face through this one.  “Everything” is a continuation of the fun pop/punk spirit with a guitar riff that reminds me heavily of Dookie era Green Day“In Your Face” is another blast.  What I’m really picking up about this group is that this style sounds very early 2000s.  It has a distinctive sound that you don’t really hear much anymore these days.  “Naked” is also a great one which features a chugging guitar riff along with a touch of reggae, particularly in the bass.  “Last One’s On Earth” is a blast and has the feel of a hit single.  I’m starting to realize that this album makes for great running music.  “I Love You Instead” keeps the feel good momentum running strongly.  Things slow down a bit with “Watching The Storm”, although it never sacrifices it’s feel good flavor and general momentum.

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“I Know How To Party” brings the energy back with a celebration of partying.  “Kat’s Meow” and “No Princess” continues the fast paced energy, this one reminds me heavily of prime Blink 182“Flippy In My Red Dress” is a unique moment on the album, where the pop/punk flavor is replaced with a waltz sound.  Although the punk sound kicks into gear in the final minute. This is my personal favorite on the album just because of how unique and different it is.  “Oblivious” and “Talk Too Much” is a continuation of pop/punk vibes.  “Daisy’s Song” concludes the album with another pop/punk gem, although this one sounds slightly more melancholic than the rest.  

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For fans of pop/punk in the vein of Blink 182 and early Green Day, this album (and The Dollyrots catalogue in general) is essential listening.

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