Rookie (2020, Eric Silverman) Album Review

Eric Silverman will be releasing his debut solo album Rookie on 2/28.  Prior to this, Silverman was the frontman of San Francisco’s Heartwatch.   Here, Silverman was going for a more stripped down and minimalistic sound.  Silverman is interested in deeper and more reflective songwriting than ever before.  He wants to write music which inspires people within troubling times in the world.  As Silverman describes the album, “Rookie is the first time I’ve put out music that really sounds like me. It’s all in there, all the sounds, different influences and vibe. It’s the first time I’ve gotten to put it all out there.”

The first song, “As My Country Drifted Away (I Got Stoned)”, is an exploration of hiding away during the hardships of the world.  I especially enjoy the backup vocals on this one, which gives it a spacey and ethereal sound.  Silverman sings in a manner that sound like a unique blend of Lou Reed and Jeff Tweedy.  I especially love the line “People talk, they should scream.” Next is “Rookie”, which has a nice catchy pop sound which sounds very back to the basics with its pop/rock style.  This is quite a catchy tune and is one that I predict will be the big hit off this album. 

“Reno Nights” slows things down a bit with a ballad.  I really enjoy the slow nature of this one. “Losing Touch” brings a sense of funk to the table with a song which reflects on losing touch with reality.  This is a highlight and is one of my personal favorites because of the upbeat groove contrasted with the detached lyrics.  It is very much a song that portrays what isolation and loneliness feels like.  The album concludes with “Living In Your Mind”, which reminds me of the more sensitive shades of The Velvet Underground song. A fantastic and inspiring note to conclude the album on.

What I really like about the sound on this album is just how intimate it is.  It’s a nice blend of folk and indie rock with a touch of The Velvet Underground.  Within these five songs showcases unique creativity from this gifted artist.  

Be sure to look out for the release of this album on 2/28!

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