Strange Gods

 Strange Gods is an East Tennessee based hard rock band with members who’d previously been involved with Stand Your Ground, SwampFox, Glass Idols and Roman Riot.  Since their inception in the summer of 2019, the band has released three singles and has their debut album in the works.  Their upcoming fourth single, “All Are Dark That Dwell In The Valley”, is inspired by Strange Films production “The Passenger”.  This will be premiering on March 14th at an upcoming Strange Films event referred to as “Strange Nights”.

The way Dakota Fletcher describes the nature of music is “the essence of thought that’s meant to go against the norm.  Like splattered paint on a canvas. Imagination is seeing what is beyond the bare canvas in between.  It makes sense of the futile and gives reckless motion its direction and shape.  It’s all art, it’s expressive and emotional.  We just want our art to provoke a thought, and music is the perfect medium for that.”  Within their music, Strange Gods stands for the idea that it’s necessary to question the things that define who we are.

Taking a look at their three singles, “To A Fault” instantly grabs with its intense guitar riffs and and sonic textures.  Strange Gods has the ability to sound harsh without sacrificing a sense of melody.  The guitar riff here is menacing, yet catchy as Ragle abstractly sings about the nature of evil constantly looming over us.  “Inner Circle” also hits hard with another intense, yet melodic guitar riff as Ragle existentially sings about man’s fate within sin and the endless quest for truth.  “Less Than Zero” is the longest song the band has released to date as Ragle sings about losing hope within false promises.

Strange Gods will be playing at Strange Nights on March 14th!  They will also playing with New Years Day at Capone’s in Johnson City, TN on May 6th.

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