Sunshine Still

Sunshine Still is a Knoxville, TN based rock band which consists of Jake Turner (frontman), Sam Stephenson (guitar), Jacksen Yanbrough (percussion), Carson Lovell (bass) and Marc Schoonover (guitar). Since their inception in 2018, the band has released one album and three singles.

What I instantly like about this band is the amount of fun they seem to be having. These songs contain a fresh youthful energy that is hard to resist. This sound is the embodiment of the youthful freedom found during college years with lyrics that generally deal with lost love and moving forward. These songs carry a timeless classic rock sound that makes them perfect for jamming out to; this is fantastic bar music.

Taking a look at their singles, “Sleeping In The Basement” is a great jam that sounds very upbeat and fun, despite being about accepting the end of a bond that was once strong. I particularly enjoy the guitar and drum work on this one. “Diana” immediately captivates with its funky guitar work that sounds like a blend of Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons. A shoutout also goes to the bass and its bouncy groove. “Purple Martin” is yet another fresh and groovy riff heavy song that’s irresistibly catchy.

Be sure to check out their recently released album Big Orange Heat! Sunshine Still will be performing at Strange Nights on March 14th. Do yourselves a favor and dive into this ball of fun rock and roll!

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