August Aguilar is a Writer, Producer, and Director of many short films and other video projects. The creator of El Burrito Blog as well as his film production company, STRANGE FILMS.

You can Follow him on Twitter (@filmburrito), Instagram (@august.aguilar), and subscribe on YouTube.

Director’s Statement:

Hello! I find it easier to talk to you directly so you can get a glimpse of who I am and why El Burrito Blog and Strange Films is so important.

First of all, if you’ve made it this far to this page, thank you so much for checking out my company. I started El Burrito in early 2016 in hopes of an outlet to begin writing again for my own personal sake. I am a Creator, always have been. I soon found out though that writing for myself wasn’t enough; I wanted to share ideas, collaborate with others, bring different ideas and perspectives to the table, and ultimately provide entertaining content all around. Thus, over time, we have managed to create a website that both serves as an online independent magazine as well as a creative hub full of original and shared works.

Strange Films was also born in early 2016 when I made my first short film, There’s Something Down The Roada horror film that was made in intent to get into the Knoxville Horror Film Festival. After successfully completing the film, and getting accepted into the festival, the excitement grew between me and my father and collaborator, Frank Aguilar, which led to the universe of bizarre films we have created ever since. Now Strange Films has proudly been represented in numerous film festivals around the country, outside the U.S., frequently works with musicians, artists, and other platforms of creative services.

I also fully produce music videos for independent musicians locally and out of state. I love to travel and work with new artists, and bringing their vision to life is not only an honor to do, but an absolute pleasure.

Why Should You Care?

Well that’s a great question, but if you care enough about art and the beauty behind it then maybe you’ll take the time to get to know us. We strive for only creating cool and entertaining content, and we only want to work with other like minded individuals. Given that we are a fully independent and still early stages of being a production company, it is our hope that we gain enough friends, fandom, and resources to do some of the bigger dreams we have in mind. We want you involved and allow us to serve our greater purpose.

So, between music videos, short films, event services, and our growing writing platform, I truly hope you will take some time to explore, check out our work, get in touch with us, and perhaps even collaborate with us in the future. We have lots of plans to grow and expand our ideas, and we want to bring everyone that supports us along the way. Thank you so much for reading this!

I will leave some of my highlighted works below for you to enjoy!


CENTER CITY, our award winning short film shot in Philadelphia. Original jazz music and a film noir, this begins the bizarre story of crime in the City of Brotherly Love. Check out the spin-off BUTCHand stay tuned for our newest spin-off THE WOMANcoming soon.

PASSENGER, a monster story that shows some of the strange happenings in a small town. The sequel to our first film, There’s Something Down The Road

The Sound of You and Mea drama film that depicts the fallout of a relationship between past and present.

Cindy’s Birthday Partyone of our newest film that has been in numerous festivals around the country, telling the story of Jonas as he arrives to Cindy’s party, feeling uneasy when there are no other kids, parents, or signs of a party at all.

For more films, you can check out my YouTube Channel!

Music Videos:

“Inside My Head” by Silence In The Stars — alternative grunge rock band, from Knoxville, TN.

“Each’s Own”, by The Force Field — hip-hop brother duo, from Kingsport, TN.

“My Heart Will Be Found” by Whiskey Effect — garage rock band, from Philadelphia, PA.

“Den Of Bots” by Mass Driver — stoner rock band, from Knoxville, TN.

“Don’t Stop To Look At The Sun” by The Holifields — psychedelic rock band, from Knoxville, TN.

For more music videos, check out my YouTube Channel!


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