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25 Movies to Look Forward to in 2018

Be sure to have your Movie Pass ready.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Spoiler Talk)

Was the Force really with us? 

The Sound of You & Me (Short Film)

Director August Aguilar takes a different approach to his usual style of filmmaking with his newest release, The Sound of You & Me.

Strange Films: PASSENGER

STRANGE FILMS presents: PASSENGER! Written, Produced, and Directed by August Aguilar

Blade Runner 2049 Review

The future is here. Written by Max Newman As a big fan of Phillip K. Dick, I have been ready for this one for quite some time. After the disappointments of original Sci-fi movies of recent, I have a new hope that this one would not be be a rehashing. Unlike many current moviegoers, I […]
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Home Again (Review)

Date night anyone? 

Mother! Review

A bizarre twist of a nightmare that doesn’t seem to end. 

IT: Review

Stephen King’s terrifying novel comes back to life after 27 years since the original release. 

China O’Brien

A female led action flick headed your way with Martial Arts Madness!


Will Allman returns with Martial Arts Madness, featuring the 1988 movie Bloodsport.