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Strange Films: PASSENGER

STRANGE FILMS presents: PASSENGER! Written, Produced, and Directed by August Aguilar

Blade Runner 2049 Review

The future is here. Written by Max Newman As a big fan of Phillip K. Dick, I have been ready for this one for quite some time. After the disappointments of original Sci-fi movies of recent, I have a new hope that this one would not be be a rehashing. Unlike many current moviegoers, I […]
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Home Again (Review)

Date night anyone? 

Mother! Review

A bizarre twist of a nightmare that doesn’t seem to end. 

IT: Review

Stephen King’s terrifying novel comes back to life after 27 years since the original release. 

China O’Brien

A female led action flick headed your way with Martial Arts Madness!


Will Allman returns with Martial Arts Madness, featuring the 1988 movie Bloodsport.

Black Belt Jones

Martial Arts Madness returns with Black Belt Jones!

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Finally the Spider-Man we deserve, swings into theaters.

Samurai Cop

Will Allman takes a look at another Martial Arts Madness entry featuring the over the top movie: Samurai Cop.