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Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (1/22/18)

What tracks get you through the day? 

Unreleased Hendrix Recordings Due in 2018

The new album, Both Sides of the Sky, is slated to release on March 9th. 

Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (1/15/18)

Let this music warm you up through the chilly nights.

Jack White Returns With Two New Singles

From his upcoming album, Boarding House Reach.

The Case For St. Anger

It’s a give and take when it comes to Metallica’s St. Anger album. Is it worth a listen again?

Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (1/8/18)

Congrats, you’ve finished the first week of 2018. Here’s some music to get you through the next one.

Holograms: Revolutionary Tech or a Cheap Imitation?

Is it truly the same to experience a concert with a hologram performer?

Animals As Leaders

More strings, more style. 

Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (1/1/18)

Happy New Year everyone! What is your New Years Resolution? 

Top 20 Music Monday’s of 2017

We had a lot of good music this year, but here’s our top 20 list for you to enjoy.