Santa Clarita Diet – Review

In a refreshing new take on the horror-comedy genre, Netflix manages to create yet another well crafted show that is full of heart, well-written plot lines, and a colorful cast of characters. Continue reading “Santa Clarita Diet – Review”

A Series of Unfortunate Events – Review

The popular book series A Series of Unfortunate Events gets the Netflix treatment and is finally brought to life in the manner it deserves. With Neil Patrick Harris headlining as the villainous Count Olaf and Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket himself, there are a lot of great moments between them and the Baudelaire children in this fantasy world. However, some viewers may find themselves disappointed by other unfortunate aspects.  Continue reading “A Series of Unfortunate Events – Review”

The OA Review

Written by: August Aguilar, Follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter: @AugustAA92

Netflix is no stranger when it comes to original content. With hits like Orange Is The New Black, the entire Marvel Series, and more recently, Stranger Things, it seems like Netflix isn’t going away any time soon and we should expect even bigger things. The OA is one of their newest original series which blends elements of drama, mystery, science-fiction, and fantasy. It’s a brave concept and easy to get lost and memorized by, but it just might leave us with more questions than answers.  Continue reading “The OA Review”

Legends of Tomorrow (Season One) Review

Ever since the start of the CW’s Arrow, DC entertainment has been able to successfully launch a full on shared universe of other heroes like The Flash, more recently Supergirl, and a large team up consisting of both heroes and villains, Legends of Tomorrow. All four of these shows manage to hold together solid story lines on their own, and occasionally cross over events and appearances with each other. Although the current season of Legends is on season two, we’ve recently finished the first to discuss how the series holds up overall.  Continue reading “Legends of Tomorrow (Season One) Review”