August Aguilar – Filmmaker

August Aguilar is a Writer, Producer, and Director of many short films and other video projects. The creator of El Burrito Blog as well as his film production company, STRANGE FILMS.

You can Follow him on Twitter (@filmburrito), Instagram (@august.aguilar), and subscribe on YouTube.


There’s Something Down The Road

A horror short film that was selected in the 2016 Knoxville Horror Film Festival and nominated for best regional film.


This film begins the tale of The Stranger. Two friends who seem to have taken the wrong road quickly find something sinister waiting for them. To make things worse, one of them isn’t all who they say to be.


Tied Winner for Best Drama at the 2017 Philly TV Fest.Filmed on location in Philadelphia. Featuring original music by Mike Raymond Jr.


Welcome to The City of Brotherly Love. When THE WOMAN comes to town for business, she will find beauty in the great city of Philadelphia. Little does she know, the dark complexities of her job will lead other to an acquired taste.


Premiering at the 2017 Knoxville Horror Film Festival, a horror film that is also a sequel to TSDTR.


In a small town where monsters, evil, and secrets lurk in every corner, THE STRANGER watches from the shadows. On her way home from a night out, Lindsey will soon become the victim of an unexpected passenger.

The Sound of You & Me

An indie drama film with original music made by Chance Lawson of Smokehouse Crickets.


An indie drama that dives into the heart of emotions through John, who was recently left by his longtime girlfriend, Anne. As John deals with the stages of grief, memories of love and color that Anne brought to his world intertwine.

Music Videos

“Pete’s Arcade” Music Video

Knoxville based Super Action Rock band Mass Driver, official music video off of their EP.

“Jurassic Mutha” (Studio Session)

Mass Driver recording their latest track “Jurassic Mutha”.


“Each’s Own” Music Video

Kingsport based hip-hop and brother duo Drawn Up and Deep CutThe Force Field.

“Don’t Stop To Look At The Sun” Music Video

Knoxville based psychedelic indie rock band The Holifields