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We would like to welcome Gustavo, otherwise known as “Genixo” from Buenos Aires, Argentina to the El Burrito Blog Creators page.

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Welcome to the Creator Content community, Genixo!

“The Last Night”


My name is Gustavo but I prefer my ¨artist¨ nickname that i´ve been using for several years: ¨Genixo¨ . I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Being a child of the 80’s, I grew up loving films of all kinds of genre since the age of five. It was horror that grasped my attention, I used to watch iconic slasher films, like Friday the 13th, The Funhouse, Child´s Play, and Texas Chainsaw MassacreI used to rent the same VHS’s from the video store over and over again without getting bored. Nowadays I have some directors that inspired me for getting into horror filmmaking like Eli Roth, James Wan, Robert Rodriguez and Peter Hyams

I found myself behind the lens when I was 14, running around with my Sony Digital8 camera shooting weird, fantastic horror and action shorts. Later on, when the technological advances of visual effects caught me up, and with my new camera and software, I was able to create things I never thought were achievable, specially with no budget.

I went to 2 different film schools, but it wasn’t quite what he expected. so i tried to learn by myself , watching movies all the time.  After taking a few courses in visual effects and editing, I think I became a self-made filmmaker after all. With a focus on practice over theory, making short videos, each one of them teaching me more about how to optimize my material

When I shoot my shorts I´m a one man audiovisual orchestra, I do camera, photography, editing, VFX , direction and artwork, even ¨acting¨ in them, as i have low or no budget at all, but that´s priceless when you see some results. Under the name of WINDAR MEDIA I produce all my original material with the best quality as possible.  My goal is to make a feature film who can entertain the audience worldwide and become a professional movie director. I will keep working on that, cause is what i have inside, a living passion.

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