Mass Driver

Super Action Rock.

Mass Driver, a local band from Knoxville, Tennessee who likes to play loud catchy riffs and have fun while doing so.

The trio of Mass Driver is certainly a unique group of fellas. Austin, Rodney, and Shawn, all bring their past experiences in bands and solo styles to the table to create a blend of heavy guitars, deep bass lines, and drum kicks that makes you want to jump up and down. Mass Driver certainly tries to bring their best to each track as well as their stage presence, but they’re also not afraid to poke fun at themselves or be goofy on stage. If you get the chance to attend a show, don’t feel weird when Rodney starts pointing all over the place as he’s singing.

“Pete’s Arcade” Official Video

Directed by August Aguilar

Recently the band has recorded new material including a new track titled, “Jurassic Mutha”, which is nothing short of a rock anthem that makes you want to do high jump kicks. We got a chance to hang out with them in the studio as they recorded the track which you can watch below. Currently there are plans to make an official music video for the song as well as embark on a larger east coast tour.

“Jurassic Mutha” Studio Sessions

In all seriousness though, Mass Driver gets things done. Being a part of their experience as a band has been a pleasure and the talent, passion, and fun they bring to the table makes listening and watching these guys perform worthwhile. We highly recommend checking them out online, and more so if you’re in the Knoxville area, live in person. You can find some of their music streaming on Spotify, as well as their entire collection of music and merch goodies on their bandcamp page here: Mass Driver BandCamp