Our Story

Entertainment Wrapped In One Bite

In 2016 El Burrito Blog was created with the intended purpose of creative writing. An outlet to talk about music, movies, art, and entertainment in general. After a year of steady independent work, the blog became a platform for not only writers who needed somewhere to speak their voices, but also a place where creatives alike can share their work for the world to see. El Burrito Blog then became a multi-media production company, creating original video, music, art, and written content, while collaborating with and promoting other independent artists.

The Team

Founder and Director, August Aguilar

August Aguilar, the Founder and Director of El Burrito Blog, is an independent Author and Filmmaker alongside his other production company, Strange Films. With a passion of creating and joy of helping other thriving artists, he aims to make El Burrito Blog a creative conglomerate for those in need of an extended reach to new audiences.

For more information on August, along with interviews and his work, visit https://www.strangefilmsstudios.com/

Editor in Chief, Blake Hall

Blake Hall, the Editor in Chief of El Burrito Blog, is an independent Author, Musician, and Filmmaker. Blake’s endless amount of passion with films and music creates a unique opportunity of insight and emotion for not only infamous works of art, but for independent artists as well. Blake aims to create a personal experience for everyone who comes through the blog with his writing.

Read Blake’s introduction to our mission here!

Eat A Burrito

If you are interested in joining the El Burrito Blog team as a content producer or social media advocate, get in touch with us to see how you can get involved.

In addition, if you are an independent artist who is looking to give your next project a breath of fresh air with new eyes to see it, consider submitting your work to us so we can take the time to review and showcase it. If you are also interested in any video production needs, we can offer that as well.

Finally, we are always looking for new sponsors and local businesses we can advertise with. Between our digital publication and our physical pressing of magazines, we are capable of stapling your image for many eyes to see and refer to.

For all inquiries, please email: elburritoblog@gmail.com