STRANGE FILMS was created by August and Frank Aguilar. The movie production company is mostly based off a world full of bizarre, unexplained, weird, and scary stories that have room for endless possibilities to grow.

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Currently, STRANGE FILMS has fully shot and finished a number of short films that have been featured in numerous film festivals, reviews, and other web sites.

There’s Something Down The Road (2016)

This film begins the tale of The Stranger. Two friends who seem to have taken the wrong road quickly find something sinister waiting for them. To make things worse, one of them isn’t all who they say to be.

Written and Directed by: August Aguilar

Produced by: Frank Aguilar 

TSDTR made its premiere at the Knoxville Horror Film Festival in 2016.

Read the review and interview HERE:

Featured on FunSize Horror:


Welcome to The City of Brotherly Love. When THE WOMAN comes to town for business, she will find beauty in the great city of Philadelphia. Little does she know, the dark complexities of her job will lead other to an acquired taste.

Written and Produced by: Frank Aguilar

Directed by: August Aguilar 

CENTER CITY was awarded a tied winner for BEST DRAMA at the Philly TV Festival.

Read a review from CinemaSlice here:

Featured on the Philadelphia Film Society:


In a small town where monsters, evil, and secrets lurk in every corner, THE STRANGER watches from the shadows. On her way home from a night out, Lindsey will soon become the victim of an unexpected passenger.

Written, Produced, and Directed by: August Aguilar 

PASSENGER premiered on October 22, 2017 at the 2017 Knoxville Horror Film Festival

Featured on FunSize Horror:

Review by Planet 9 Films:


Follow BUTCH, shortly after the events of CENTER CITY as he parties his way with liquor, women, and good times at the 2nd Street Brew House bar in South Philadelphia.

Cindy’s Birthday Party (2018)

Cindy and her Mother plan to have the best birthday party ever. When Jonas is the first to arrive, he starts to worry when he sees no other children or decorations, and that the party is downstairs in the basement.

Written by August and Frank Aguilar

Directed by: August Aguilar

My Good Neighbor (2018)

You never know who your neighbors really are behind closed doors. The ritual inside a man’s home is interrupted by the cue of keeping up a friendly appearance to the neighborhood.

Written, Produced, and Directed by: August Aguilar

A collaboration effort with Cinema Slice for their Slice of Fright horror anthology web series.


Set on the day of the events of CENTER CITY, THE WOMAN arrives into Philadelphia from the harsh city of Boston to finish a job for the powerful and fierce crime boss, THE QUEEN. Meanwhile, trouble begins to boil when a rival contract killer named JACKIE confronts THE WOMAN for being in her territory.

Subject (2019)

A man trapped inside his own apartment becomes the subject of entertainment for something out of this world.

2 weeks to write, shoot, and edit a film with certain elements required within. Winner of Best Editing at the Southern Oasis Film Festival, 2 Week Twister competition.


Official Posters

The first three STRANGE FILMS posters have been designed by the wonderful and talented artist, Adam Buttrey


Cindy’s Birthday Party poster designed by Tim Sparvero.