“Cindy’s Birthday Party” Kickstarter *Funded*

*Updated — “Cindy’s Birthday Party” was successfully funded!

Strange Films is taking on a new endeavor with their hit short film, Cindy’s Birthday Party, and adapting it into a fully colored and illustrated comic book. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.
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Comic Book Gurus Podcast: Strange Films

Take a listen to father and son filmmakers, Frank and August Aguilar, and the newest cast member Nikki Marie, speak with the Comic Book Gurus Podcast talking all about CENTER CITY, their upcoming film THE WOMANcomics, and more!  Continue reading “Comic Book Gurus Podcast: Strange Films”

Legends of Tomorrow (Season One) Review

Ever since the start of the CW’s Arrow, DC entertainment has been able to successfully launch a full on shared universe of other heroes like The Flash, more recently Supergirl, and a large team up consisting of both heroes and villains, Legends of Tomorrow. All four of these shows manage to hold together solid story lines on their own, and occasionally cross over events and appearances with each other. Although the current season of Legends is on season two, we’ve recently finished the first to discuss how the series holds up overall.  Continue reading “Legends of Tomorrow (Season One) Review”