Meet Mirrored Image

In the midst of a modern alternative rock trend that continues to grow more comfortable and entertaining, arises a new wave band that incorporates heavy synths alongside a rocking performance: Mirrored Image.

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Art Smashes Records — Single Release “Old Dreams”

An upcoming Alternative Indie Pop Rock band hailing from East Tennessee releases their first lead single, along with their new self-titled EP.  Continue reading “Art Smashes Records — Single Release “Old Dreams””

Keep It Moving: Interview with The Force Field

From the small town of Kingsport in East Tennessee lies an underground passion of musicof all genres. Personally knowing a lot of these musicians, I know the struggle can be real when it comes to branching out and showing your music to the world. Continue reading “Keep It Moving: Interview with The Force Field”

Last Letters: Nothing To Write Home About EP Review

A Sweet Reminiscent 

Growing up in middle and high school I listened to a lot of punk rock, emo, and pop music. Specifically bands like blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, and Say Anything; which all brought a bit of joy and range of emotions throughout each song and album they produced. When you listen to a band that feels like it directly speaks to you, then you’re listening to something good. Stumbling upon Last Letters, a singer/songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts, I feel like I’ve found an old part of me and the longing for something more. Continue reading “Last Letters: Nothing To Write Home About EP Review”

Music Monday (5/16/16)

I’ve been a little busy lately, but I haven’t forgotten about the music. Here is this week’s batch of tunes that you can start your week off right with, featuring a special nod to Blink-182. Continue reading “Music Monday (5/16/16)”