Top 30 Music Monday’s of 2018

Let’s take a look back at some of the best songs our Music Monday playlists had to offer this year with a Top 30 countdown. Continue reading “Top 30 Music Monday’s of 2018”

Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (11/5/18)

You can’t help how you feel, but you have the ability to change it. Check out this week’s Music Monday playlist featuring songs by Blue Oyster Cult, Keith Richards, Rage Against The Machine, and more! Continue reading “Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (11/5/18)”

Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (3/13/17)

Another week of music plugging in your way from the Burrito Blogger staff, what will you listen to today?  Continue reading “Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (3/13/17)”