Mass Driver “Struts and Cuts” Vinyl Kickstarter

Super Action Rock n’ Rollers Mass Driver has launched a Kickstarter campaign to release a Vinyl Pressing of their upcoming album, Struts and Cuts! Continue reading “Mass Driver “Struts and Cuts” Vinyl Kickstarter”

“Welcome To Ciderville” Full Concert by Mass Driver

Get ready to rock and roll up close and personal with Mass Driver as they perform live at the historic Ciderville Music Barn, recording their new live album. Continue reading ““Welcome To Ciderville” Full Concert by Mass Driver”

Top 10 El Burrito Blog Moments of 2018

We’re taking a look back at all of our favorite moments of 2018, featuring more music, art, and film than ever. Check out all of these amazing creators and the exciting things we got to participate in. Continue reading “Top 10 El Burrito Blog Moments of 2018”

Rock & Roll Benefit Show, Vol. 2

Super Action Rock & Rollers Mass Driver, teams up with the punk-tastic group The Bad Dudes, and new alternative rock band Sharkfight for a benefit show towards Young Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, TN.  Continue reading “Rock & Roll Benefit Show, Vol. 2”