Comic Book Gurus Podcast: Strange Films

Take a listen to father and son filmmakers, Frank and August Aguilar, and the newest cast member Nikki Marie, speak with the Comic Book Gurus Podcast talking all about CENTER CITY, their upcoming film THE WOMANcomics, and more!  Continue reading “Comic Book Gurus Podcast: Strange Films”

Philadelphia Film Society: CENTER CITY

Speaking with Director August Aguilar about his film CENTER CITYhow he got into filmmaking, and what the future holds for the series.  Continue reading “Philadelphia Film Society: CENTER CITY”

SliceCast Podcast: August Aguilar & Johnny Zuko and The Farsighted Network present the third episode of their podcast series, SliceCast, where they speak with El Burrito Blog’s Director, August Aguilar. Continue reading “SliceCast Podcast: August Aguilar & Johnny Zuko”

Strange Films: CENTER CITY Commentary

Sit down with father and son filmmaking duo as they discuss the full insights of their hit short film CENTER CITY, from conception to the future of the franchise. Featuring behind the scenes photos and video of the movie!  Continue reading “Strange Films: CENTER CITY Commentary”

Strange Films: TSDTR Commentary

Creative team August and Frank Aguilar sit down to discuss the original conception of STRANGE FILMS and their first short film, There’s Something Down The Road, how it came to be and where its stands now with its future. Featuring behind the scenes footage never seen before.
Continue reading “Strange Films: TSDTR Commentary”

Strange Films: BUTCH (CENTER CITY)

STRANGE FILMS presents: A companion piece to the award winning short film, CENTER CITY, following up on fan favorite character: BUTCH. Directed by August Aguilar, Produced by Frank Aguilar. Continue reading “Strange Films: BUTCH (CENTER CITY)”